We created GoPositiveNow as we believe climate change is an urgent problem and our world needs a hand from people like you.

Our main goal is to help you take immediate action against climate change, addressing your carbon emissions by participating in certified projects that restore wilderness and life. Also, by planting millions of native trees along The Eden Project, we help you tackle your carbon footprint and contribute to an environmentally neutral way of living.

Our planet is suffering and thereĀ“s no time to waste.

If we want to generate an impact and fight the climate crisis in the world, we must empower individuals who wants to address the issue as most governments and companies are not taking enough actions.

As we invite you to make a difference, transparency is the key.

Our 100% transparency policy will let you keep track of how your money made a real impact in our planet.

Your effort, combined with thousands of others, will make a profound impact.

We support Gold Standard, VCS and CR certified projects which certify an environmental compromise, along with important sustainable contributions.