How does it work?

Offset your CO2 emission

With your monthly subscription, you will be offsetting your carbon emissions by supporting our Gold Standard, VCS and CR certified selection of projects.

Plant a tree

Join us and Eden Project® to plant millions of trees around the globe. Help re-build our forests around the globe.

Become positive now

By offsetting your carbon footprint and planting trees on a monthly basis, you can become climate positive helping the environment.

As most people cannot reduce their carbon footprint to zero, you can support different high impact projects to offset your unavoidable emissions. Our selection of projects are Gold Standard, VCS and CR certified.

Become eco-conscious and sustainable investing in a climate change mitigating project.

Our partners in climate action

What does it mean to go positive?

  • You will be part of the global reforestation mission.
  • You will manage and reduce your footprint impact.
  • Keep track and learn with the latest news about climate change.
  • Our 100% transparency policy will let you see the real effect of your contribution.
  • You will be helping local communities creating employment for local villagers.

What our customers say


“Go Positive Now introduced me a new way of making a difference from my place. It´s easy, clear, and most important environmentally committed.”


“Amazing way to help, knowing your money is well invested.”


“It feels really conforting knowing you can rely on a company that is taking good care of your contribution to this planet.”

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